If you are having a firearm purchased online, we will receive the item being shipped and conduct the FFL transfer per Federal and State regulations. We also conduct Washington State firearm private transfers.


How Do I Pickup the Firearm?
Bring in your photo ID and fill out the proper paperwork and we will release it you as soon as your approval is received. For Semi- Auto Pistols and Semi-Auto rifles the waiting period may be up to 14 days though most go through in 7-10 days. All other firearms are simple and most can be released within minutes of filling out paperwork, though rarely, delays on these types may occur. A standard $25 processing fee applies to all firearms shipped in to us. Semi-Automatic Rifles also require us to collect an $18 fee for the State of Washington to process as stated in I- 1639 law, this fee is sent directly to the State of Washington.
The seller needs your FFL
Simply have your seller contact us and we will email them a copy of our FFL to allow them to make the transfer and ship to us.
Do you charge tax on the Firearm?
We are required to collect WA State sales tax on all firearms shipped into the state if you have not already paid sales tax. A copy of your order showing tax was paid will be required in order to avoid having to pay WA State sales tax through Axels.
Do you conduct private party firearm transfers for Washington State?
Yes. We do. There is a $25 fee for all private party transfers. There is an additional $18 fee collected by us on behalf of the State of Washington for the transfer of Semi-Automatic Rifles. This $18 fee is sent directly to the Washington State Dept of Treasury.

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