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,Axels have been dealing in fine jewelry for 30 years. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience you can trust for fair and honest deals.

If you need quick cash on a loan, are interested in selling or trading or upgrading your fine jewelry, Axels is here for you.

We also buy and lend, on broken and scrap silver and gold, sterling flatware, bullion rounds and bars. If you have a collection of gold-filled or plated jewelry, we will take a look, even though the precious metal content is very low.

Take a look at our Jewelry FAQ below, and feel free to call us with any questions. (509)535-2251

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Band
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Axels Staff Is Highly Trained And Qualified To Make You The Best Offer Possible.

We not only lend, buy and sell fine jewelry, but also buy scrap and broken jewelry. Since precious metals retain an inherent value, the amount you will receive remains consistent with what we pay for intact jewelry.

Gold and silver rounds, bars and bullions are also given preferential values, as they are refined in purity and ready to be sold at a premium.



This Should Answer Most Of Your Questions About Loaning Or Selling Jewelry And Precious Metals With Axels Pawn Feel Free To Call If You Have Any Questions: (509)535-2251

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  • Axels Pawn Has No Minimum or
  • Maximum Term for our loans. If you receive a loan from Axels Pawn you are allowed to pick up your loan the very next day OR keep your loan here as long as you would like. Interest accrues on a monthly basis and must be paid accordingly.
    Maximum APR on MLA Loans is 35%, APR Max.
  • The total cost of an MLA Loan will not exceed 35% APR even after all applicable fees are applied.
  • Axels Pawn Does Not Require loans to be repaid within 60 days of the loan date.
  • For example, if you have an asset with a liquid wholesale value of $25,000 and borrow $10,000, your interest would be $291.66/month. If you borrowed the money for 3 months, your total payback amount would be $10,740.
  • For more information visit our loans FAQ
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