We have state of the art equipment to ensure your items are authentic and genuine.

We are the local leaders in testing, and can test for lab created vs. natural, or reproduction vs. authentic hand bags.


Diamond Testing
We utilize our years of experience along with multiple diamonds testers to confirm Diamonds. Our Yehuda Sherlock Holmes tester is a state-of-the-art diamond tester that tests for both CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds versus million year old natural diamonds. We can even text the results to you FREE of charge!
Gold Testing
We use a combination of experience, magnet, acid and finally a high end “Kee” brand tester to determine the true karat of your gold before making you an offer to assure we are providing you the highest amount for your precious metals. We can test your gold FREE of charge anytime, just bring it by our shop and we will do the rest.
Bullion Testing
We use a Sigma Analytics Precious Metal Verifier, which will test the conductivity of your bullion or coin, allowing us to verify the metal is as should be. This is non-intrusive state of the art testing. Never let another shop drill your bullion.
Hand Bag Testing
We are able to correctly authenticate your luxury handbags by using our extensive network of experts all around the country. We will gladly verify the authenticity of your handbags or wallets Free of Charge. This service is available most anytime our in- house expert, Carli, is in the store and always on Saturdays.

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