With the holidays approaching fast, it is time to start checking that list to find out who’s been naughty or nice. Then off to the races, to beat the traffic while you try to find that perfect gift for those who made the “cut.”

Did you know there is a shop in town that has everything you need? Axel’s Pawn Tools & Gold is your one-stop shop. The shop carries watches, tools, luxury purses, guns, gold, silver, electronics, and jewelry. If you are short on cash and want to bring in your valuable item, we can make you a cash offer. If you want to purchase a gift for your family or friends, we will work with you to make sure the price meets your budget.

There are SIX advantages to shopping at our pawn shop.

  • Number 1 – We aren’t overcrowded, and we don’t have long lines:

Nothing is worse than fighting long check-out lines after being in traffic all day trying to find that special gift. At Axels Pawn Tools & Gold, we do our best to make you comfortable. Our showroom is stocked with all those special gifts, it is clean and organized. Our trained team will get you in and out in a jiffy.

  • Number 2 – We have an incredible selection:

Our storeroom floor has everything you need for the whole family. We have televisions, game consoles, games, guns, and jewelry. We carry instruments for that young artist and tools for dad. We are certain you will find a variety of possibilities at Axels.

  • Number 3 – We will negotiable prices: 

Everything is up for discussion at Axles Pawn Tools & Gold. At the local big box store, the price on the sticker is just that, the price. At our pawn shop that is not the case. Most of our prices are open for discussion and negotiation. Sometimes you can save a lot, sometimes a little, but we guarantee we will do our best to get you a reasonable price within your budget.

  • Number 4 – We will buy your valuable items:

Look in your jewelry box, your cupboards, your garage. If you need some cash for the holidays, come into the pawnshop and see us. Bring your valuable unused items with you and let’s make a deal. We will give you top dollar for your items and you will leave happy. We buy gold, silver, jewelry, electronics, guns, tools, and instruments. We can work with you on selling your items so you can buy those gifts for your family.

  • Number 5 – We do collateral/same day loans:

Maybe you found some items of value while you were cleaning out a dresser, but you really don’t want to part with them. But you need cash. We understand. You can come in and speak with one of our pawnbrokers and we will make you an offer on a same-day collateral loan. We have low-interest rates and a friendly repayment plan. You won’t have to wait for your money, and you can have your item back once the note is paid.

  • Number 6 – We don’t do credit checks for loans:

When you’re trying to get a quick loan at a bank and other financial institution it takes some time while they research your credit. Maybe your credit is not as good as you hoped it would be at this time in your life. At Axels Pawn, Tools, and Gold we don’t do credit checks for collateral loans. You simply come in with your state-issued ID and our friendly and knowledgeable pawnbrokers will help you get the funds you need. The process is quick, easy, and transparent.

At Axels Pawn, Tools, and Gold we are excited to have you come to see us. Come in, enjoy our easy parking, no wait check-out, and pawn loan services. Look through the huge selection we have in our showroom and find that special gift for that special someone. We know that you will leave with a smile on your face and that special person’s eyes will light up with joy when they open the gift you got from Axels.

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