I Need Good Tools – What Pawn Shops With Tools – Near Me In Spokane, WA?

I am so jazzed! I have been out of work for eons, and I just landed a good-paying job with a local contractor. I haven’t worked for a very long time, and I am short on cash to buy the things I need. I am looking for preowned, used tools. I made a list of things I can’t be without.

The List:

  1. Hammer – iconic as they are, they are not out of fashion on the construction site!

  2. Hand Saw – needed to cut lumber; it would be difficult not to have one or a few different kinds of these in my arsenal. I need to find some preowned hand tools so I can have a wood saw, but I can pick up a drywall saw, circular saw, and crosscut saw.

  3. Wrenches and screwdrivers – These are a must. How can I show up without a Flathead and Phillips screwdriver set? Maybe I can find an electric screwdriver by Dewalt or some similar name brand. I am interested in finding a set of wrenches in multiple sizes. I don’t have to go around borrowing tools if I can find them at a good place that has tools in excellent condition.

  4. Levels and Measuring Squares – I have some ancient tools, and one of them is a carpenter’s square. It has a flat, ruler-like side, and I am lucky because it also has a level with it, and the liquid in the bubble hasn’t gone dry, nor is it broken.

  5. Measure Tape – I think I can go to the dollar store for this one, but who is kidding who it might be embarrassing to have a dollar store measuring tape. Maybe I can find this and some chisels without much trouble.

The first month or so, while I am learning my new job and earning my first paycheck, I think I can get by borrowing a shovel, crowbar, nail puller, and other major hand tools if I need them. I can pick these up later.

I want to find an air compressor with air tools, a generator, circular saws, a nail gun, an electric screwdriver, an electric sander, and other electric tools for a below-average price. But where is the question?

Buying Tools at Yard Sales or A Garage Sale.

I thought about traveling around and seeing what tools are for sale at the local yard sales. I know buyers do this, and some have great luck. My concern with a yard sale is the items may not be tested, and the people selling the power tolls may not say if the tools are in good condition. I need to watch my money and make sure I spend it wisely.

The other barrier is I may not be able to find all the tools I need in one place, and with the price of gas, I certainly don’t want to travel all over on a “great tool hunt.”


Tools come up for sale on eBay, and although there is a waiting period for things to close, buying tools on eBay is an option. You can find some great deals, but I will already be working by the time I pay shipping and wait for the tool to be sent out. The online marketplace is another place to look. I don’t want to deal with trying to meet someone and pick up the tool, hoping I get what I am paying for.

Axels Pawn Store Front

Pawn Shops

I looked around and spoke with some of the people on the construction crew. They said that Axel’s Pawn Shop in Spokane, WA is one of the best places to buy, sell, and get a short-term pawn loan. If you are looking for the most value for your money, several people said go and see the pawnbrokers at the shop.

Axel’s Pawn Shop – The Best Place For Hand Tools, Power Tools, Antique Tools

I had never been to a pawn shop, but I was willing to check them out. I walked into the shop and was greeted by the friendly team. They asked how they could help, and I went through my list of items and even provided them with a paper marked “The Following Items Needed.”

Happy to assist, they explained they have a large inventory of some of the best tools out there with brand name power tools, used power tools, power saws, air tools, and when I was off and wanting to play, they carry sports equipment and camping gear.

Name Brand Tools

I noted that they had top brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Craftsman, Ridgid, Bosch, and Skil. Their inventory was vast. I learned that they test all of their equipment to ensure they are in good working order and the power tools don’t have frayed cords. This was great because I had to make sure whatever I bought I could use on Monday.

The tools, I say, were clean. They were probably collecting dust on someone’s shelf in their garage, but the tools were clean on the sales floor. I knew some of the original costs for some power tools and was pleasantly surprised when the price listed was well within my budget.

Tools at Pawn Shop On shelf

Pawn Shops Buy, Sell, and Pawn

I understood that most people come to a pawnshop to get quick cash due to a situation they didn’t expect. The pawnbroker said this was true, but sometimes people sell estates, and the estates have nice things, including gold, gold jewelry, diamonds, power tools, musical instruments, and sporting goods. The folks want to liquidate the estate and don’t want to have to deal with taking them to flea markets, auction houses, or placing a post online. They want them sold at a fair price.

I didn’t even consider that people would sell power tools outright to a pawnshop like Axels for the most money they could get. I hadn’t owned tools before, so I wasn’t sure of their selling point. I had seen several places that sold used tools, but the prices were near the original price and didn’t seem to be a smart place to shop. Why pay more money than you have to, especially now that I learned about Axel’s Pawn Shop.

Over 30 Years in Operation Made Me Throw Caution Away

I had been told that pawn shops would “rip you off,” so I entered the shop with caution. I was so pleased with Axle’s website and its description of the shop. The shop is family-owned and has been around for over 30 years, and that has to say something. Spokane, WA, isn’t like some big cities, and stores don’t honestly last.

The pawnbroker, Carli, said she was the owner’s niece. She knew everything about the power tools and wasn’t afraid to share general information about where they came from. She explained how to buy tools and what to look for, and if I decided to sell them, to bring them back to them because they are the best places to sell power tools in the area. It was like I could trade power tools in for newer ones and improve my stash.

Shop Online At Axels Pawn

Shop On-Line for A Power Tool

My mind got to thinking. I could buy tools here, use them for a while, sell them back to them and “upgrade.” She said they have an online store so I can watch it to see what different top brands come up for sale, and she would be happy to help me with payment over the phone and then hold it for a bit until I could come in and pick it up.

Don’t Lose Those High Demand Tools – Bridge Loans and Collateral Loans – Until the Money Comes In

She offered that sometimes people will go through their valuable items like jewelry, gold, bullion, collectibles, and more and bring them in to use as collateral for a short-term loan until they get paid on their next payday or until a bonus comes in. She said this is an excellent way to get a compressor or power tools if I am afraid it was in demand and it might be snatched up before I get paid. I thought about this option, smiling because I knew I had some scrap gold jewelry just collecting dust and would be great to secure one of the power tools I saw today.

The guys at the construction site told me that Axel’s would pay top dollar for good tools and valuable items if I wanted to sell anything outright. I also was told that the shop looks to buy drills, power tools, used power tools in good working condition, old tools, and luxury items to continue to provide the selection they have on their retail floor.

Of course, you have to be willing to part with the item with any sale, so if you are not, a pawn loan may be a better option. Either way, the idea that they pay cash on the same day you take items in was appealing, not like waiting for your money from eBay, paying fees associated with setting up a flea market booth, or selling tools through Facebook Marketplace.

I left the shop with my new circular saw, some wrenches, an electric screwdriver set, hammer, hand saw, and DeWalt drill. I had my eye on the compressor they had and planned to go home and look through my scrap gold jewelry to maybe sell it outright to the shop.

As a grin and a giggle, Carli through in a tape measure and kidded my saying that I didn’t need to show up with a dollar store brand.

Go by and see Axel’s Pawn Shop. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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