When someone needs to get a short-term loan for quick cash, they may decide to sell their previously owned tools to a pawnshop. The tools are typically checked out to ensure they are in good working order. This only makes sense because the pawnshop would lose money if they purchased a non-working or damaged tool. Equipment coming into a pawn shop is how the pawnshop stocks its shelves so they can resell the item for a small profit.

If you find a tool you want to purchase at a pawn shop, make sure you turn on the tool so you can hear it run and determine for yourself if it is in good working order. An advantage to shopping at a pawn shop is you can touch, hear, and see the tool in person. When you purchase something online, through eBay, or at a garage sale, you may not have an option to “experience” the tool in real-time.

As part of a pawn shop’s process, they make sure that they treat the seller or borrower with respect and that they have a process that keeps the customer returning. A person selling something on Craiglist or at a yard sale will probably never see you again, so they aren’t so concerned about their reputation or the services they offer, and they are simply selling an item.

Power tools like drills, circular saws, table saws, and scroll saws are tested and powered on at a pawn shop. The cords are checked to make sure they aren’t frayed. Although the pawn shop can’t be responsible for worn parts on a tool, they won’t take tools in on pawn or sales that can’t be resold. It just wouldn’t be good business.

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Save Owner Manuals, Receipts, and Guarantees – These Bring Value to Your Tools

Pawn shops accept tools that are brought in as previously used tools. These tools are often cleaned up by the customer bringing them in. The previous owners are encouraged to make sure that if they have any paperwork, guarantees, receipts, or owners manuals these are brought in with the tools. Having these things will add extra value to the offer amount whether the customer is selling or pawning.

Sometimes customers are finishing up an improvement project in their house and are needing tools necessary to complete the installation of new cabinets. Having necessary working tools for DYI projects will decrease frustration and increase success. According to Family Handiman the installation of kitchen cabinets may require tools like:

  • 4 ft. level
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Belt sander
  • Block plane
  • Circular saw
  • Clamps
  • Countersink drill bit
  • Drill bit set
  • Drill/driver – cordless
  • Jigsaw
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure

Most people who enjoy working on things around the house will have a tape measure, screwdrivers, and maybe even a circular saw. A battery-operated circular saw is a convenience because a cord isn’t getting in the way during the time a project is completed.

Shopping at a pawn shop will provide an array of construction tools like clamps, drill bit sets, and a jigsaw at the fraction of the cost of new tools purchased at a big box store.

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Corded versus Cordless Power Tools

Pawn shops carry battery-powered tools and they will sell the batteries separately. Knowing which tool is right for you is important. Corded tools have a continuous power supply. Battery-operated tools may have batteries that run out of charge and then the time has to be set aside to let the battery charge. Sometimes a tool will have more than one battery so the extra battery can allow for a quick change so work can continue.

Corded power tools have greater torque than cordless tools. This is because more voltage can be delivered by a corded tool. Having more torque would make it easier to accomplish the task of the tool. For example, if an impact wrench is corded it will have more torque, and turning a bolt would be quicker and easier.

Corded power tools have restricted movement. Any project needs to be close to an outlet so the tool has a plug to plug into. Even the best-corded power tools will suffer from an obvious downside: restricted movement.

Extension cords can be used on a house or outdoor projects and will give a greater range. Some jobs are difficult to manage with corded tools. For example, lawn mowing and gardening are difficult with corded tools and extension cords.

Cordless tools are easier to store because there is no cord to try and figure out how to quickly wind up and store in an easy fashion. Long cords need proper storage so that the wiring within the cord isn’t damaged. Although a plug-end on a corded tool can be replaced the task will take time away from the household projects planned for the day.

Cordless tools may experience a drop in performance if they are not fully charged. By the end of a work day, cordless tools may not be as powerful because their batteries are almost used up.

Cordless power tools are somewhat heavier than their corded counterparts. There are three different cordless power tools available: nickel-cadmium (Nicd), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), and lithium-ion. Lithium-ion batteries are the newest type of cordless tool battery. They are lighter in weight and outperform the other two battery types. On the downside, they are expensive.

Choosing a tool with the right type of battery is as important as choosing a cordless tool. If the capacity, charge time, or storage characteristics don’t match the work, project, or user, the cordless tool may be less than satisfactory.

Tools For Construction Workers

Access to an inventory of pre-owned name-brand tools is a plus for most construction workers. Spokane, WA is currently a hot seller’s real estate market which is defined as the number of qualified buyers outways the current supply of homes that are for sale. There are various housing projects in our around Spokane and power tools are needed to be able to meet the building needs in the area. As different construction workers report to their work sites, they will need to have all kinds of construction tools depending on what their specific job entails.

Shopping at Axel’s Pawn Shop is a way to find the tools that are needed. People who no longer needed their previously used tools or maybe they decided to upgrade to a different type or brand of tool to improve what they do at the job site commonly seek out Axel’s Pawn Shop to sell their excess supply of tools. This makes it nice for individuals who need to choose tools to get them started and to tide them over until they can decide what other tools they will need to have on hand to complete the various projects. It is imperative that what tools a construction worker buys work and will last for some time. Shopping at Axel’s Pawn Shop is a great choice and means tools will be found at an affordable price.

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Over 30 years ago Axel’s was started as a gift store and then developed into the pawn shop it is today, specializing in tools. They carry power tools, name-brand tools, cordless tools, top-of-the-line tools, equipment like air compressors, and electric welders. They test the tools they bring into the shop to make sure that the tools have working motors and are in good condition so that when they are plugged into the wall plug they work.

The Karlson Family and their loan and sale associates are the fastest and friendliest pawnbrokers around. They are fair and honest and want to make a connection with each of their customers. Stop in today.

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