Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, and other designer bags aren’t cheap. You saved forever to buy your first designer bag.

When you purchased a 2022 Capucines MM crocodilian leather bag online, you trembled from head to toe with anticipation. Named after the Parisian street where Louis Vuitton first opened a store in 1854, the Capucines bag has sleek lines that bridge tradition and modernity, savoir-faire, and chic classicism.

With a hop in your stride and a smile on your face when you went to the post office to pick up the box when the purse came in, you giggled, thinking your bag cost more than the car you drove in to get it.

When you bought your new car, you made sure there was room for it in the garage. You made sure there was nothing that would hit it or scratch it. Proactively, you signed up for a car wash account, so you could have it cleaned and detailed regularly.

Now that you had your prize possession, the Capucines, how will you store it?

You can only assume that leather handbags need special care. It isn’t suede, so that was good. You didn’t want to put it back in its original box and packaging, but you weren’t sure what the best storage options were. You kinda felt like you needed to store it in a safety deposit box at the bank, since it was so expensive, but knew this wasn’t a good choice either.

Your handbag is not only something you have wanted for a long time, it is also an investment.

You knew you didn’t want your Capucines to be a closet ornament, but you also want to ensure it is treated with respect and taken care of to maintain their value.

Store Luxury Bags

Storage Options

There are a few options when selecting a storage space for your bag. One thing for sure is to ensure there is enough room in your closet to provide space between your bag and other items in your closet. You don’t want your new designer bag rubbing up against something else.

Stuff Designer Purses

When you store designer bags, they will become smushed, saggy, scrunched, or misshapen. Stuffing your bags is necessary for prolonged use and the life of your purse. It helps maintain the shape of the luxury handbag.

Also, stuffing your handbags before they are stored provides support, so it doesn’t slump or soften while in storage. Stuffing also prevents creasing and allows the handbag’s material to remain smooth and in its original shape.

The best way to store luxury handbags is to find appropriate stuffing you can set aside when you use the bag, but have it available to protect your bag when you want to store it.

Take some time to know your handbags. Designer purses have their own needs, and no two bags are the same. It’s like they have their own personality. Foldable, packable bags may need stuffing to prevent creasing across the length of the bag. For bags with straps, tuck those straps in. The straps tend to leave imprints on the leather. Tissue paper around the straps would be ideal.

Totes, hobos, soft cloth bags, and leather bags won’t stand up on their own without stuffing. You can purchase customer purse pillows to help them maintain their shape while in storage, because these bags are most at risk of getting creases or collapsing at the sides.

Structured bags keep their shape fairly well; however, the base of each of these bags isn’t the sturdiest. If they aren’t stuffed, the bottoms may begin to give and fold out or down. Firmly stuffing the bags without overstuffing will put less strain and weight on the base of the bags and prevent “bottoming out.”

Rigid bags don’t necessarily need to be stuffed. But after years of storage, these bags may become misshapen because the leather and interfacing layer soften. If you want to air on the side of caution, you can stuff ridged bags as a prevention.


What to Use For Stuffing Material

Stuffing helps prevent changes in the shape of your luxury handbags. But the question is what do you use? You can use ink free newspaper, acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, non-perfumed white tissue paper, old white non-printed t-shirts, white towels, or a bag insert. There are also luxury bag pillows that some people like to use.

Designer Handbags Come with Dustbags, So Use Them When Storing Your Handbag

Designer handbags come with their own dust bag made specifically for your bag. The dust bag is the ideal product to keep dust, mold, and moisture away from your bag. If you can’t find the dust bag, you can substitute a clean white or cream cotton pillow case. You want to use a white or cream color to prevent color transfer. As an added safeguard, ensure the cotton pillow case doesn’t have a heavy laundry conditioner or perfumes, so your luxury handbag doesn’t get damaged by the residue of laundry perfumes.

Luxury Handbag Storage

Identify a particular shelf or area with self dividers to store your luxury bags.

When you purchase a handbag, you want to keep the original box, dust-bag, and paperwork that came with your bag. These things add to the value of your bag. When you want to store your designer purse, you can put it back in its box and put it on the shelf upright. Make sure the shelf you are putting it on has a wide enough space, so as not to squeeze the handles or squish the box.

An air conditioned room or good ventilation windows that promote air circulation is great. Having the best possible condition for your investment is important, and helps keep them pristine when they are tucked away.

You might choose to hang up the handbags from hooks in your closet. Make sure you hang the bags from the drawstring on the dust bag the handbag came in.

NEVER use the purse’s strap, or the handbag could get stretched out of shape. The straps could crease, and the hooks might leave marks on them.

Find a clean shelf with enough space to store your clutches lying flat, so they don’t get misshapen.

Ensure the handbag is not exposed to dust, mold, or water. Water stains!

It is helpful if you have a selection of bags that you label the dust bags or original boxes with a picture of the bag, so you know which one to grab when you are ready to use it.

If you don’t want to take a picture, try labeling them with the name of the bag.

Sometimes bags are stored for a long time. If this is your situation, take the bags out once in a while to breathe and air out. This will provide you with an opportune time to inspect your luxury handbags for any damage caused by storing them, and helps prevent mold.

Pick a day of the week when you want to get out your bags, admire them, do a quick check over, and air them out for 24 hours. This will help ensure your collection is in top shape while in storage and ready to use when you want to.

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Maintenance Tips For Your Designer Handbags

  1. It isn’t a bad idea to wipe down your designer handbag with a damp or dry cloth after wearing it out. You can also use a dry paper towel.

  2. You can empty your bag to get any loose dirt or dust.

  3. A lint roller is a great way to get stubborn dust out of the inside of your purse.

  4. If your bag is canvas, you want to use a conditioner specifically formulated for canvas. Don’t store your bag if it is damp; let it air dry overnight.

  5. Try to keep your designer bags out of direct sunlight or harsh artificial lighting.

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Purchasing Your First Luxury Handbag

You purchased your first handbag. You paid a large amount of money and know it’s an investment. As you add to our handbag collection, consider purchasing a luxury handbag from a pawn shop. They have Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes Birkin, and so many other luxury bags at an affordable price.

Each person buying a bag has a personal preference, and that is what makes shopping at a pawn shop fun. They have designer shoes, and work to ensure their luxury bag display has many choices.

Axel’s Pawn Shop

Axel’s Pawn Shop is a family owned, multi-generational pawn shop. They offer full pawn services, including luxury items for sale. They will buy, or write, a pawn loan on luxury items.

Located in Spokane, WA, they have a large store front with tools, jewelry, gold, silver, and luxury goods like bags and watches. If you need fast cash, they can help.

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