What is the Sherlock Holmes?

The Yehuda Sherlock Holmes 4.0 is a diamond tester. It is a lightweight testing machine that detects lab grown diamonds. It is similar to the Sherlock Holmes 2.0 with a 100% detection rate. It uses ultraviolent light (UV light) to check fluorescently identify natural and synthetic diamonds.

The Yehuda Sherlock Holmes tester can store all the test results completed on diamonds under one account. The tester is capable of adding lab reports, the customer’s name, and photo if needed.

You can rotate the ring holder so you don’t have to open the drawer, which adds to efficiency.

The newer testers have a laptop style screen, so pictures of the diamond can be taken and viewed. It will also check both mounted and loose stones. This is helpful if you are testing to detect Moissanite in loose stones.


What are synthetic or lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are also called synthetic diamonds. They are made of pure carbon and grown from seeds of natural diamonds. They are created under similar temperatures and pressure as natural diamonds. They have the same optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds.

Mined diamonds are made from pure carbon. Formed far beneath the Earth’s surface, under extreme temperatures. It took millions of years to form a natural diamond. They have small imperfections. There are no perfect natural diamonds.

Why Test? The Price of Real Diamonds vs Lab Created Diamonds

There is a school of thought that lab created diamonds, which are actually real diamonds, and offer the same brilliance, sparkle, and shine of a natural diamond. If you want to save, lab diamonds are an option to consider. They cost about 60% less than natural diamonds. The drawback is that the long-term value of the lab diamond will decline.

For example, a lab diamond bought for $1,000 today may be priced at a fraction of that amount in just one or two years.

Natural diamonds often retain around 50% of their initial value. Lab grown diamonds are almost impossible to resell without accepting pennies on the dollar. If you invest in diamond jewelry, you want to ensure your investment pays off.


Axel’s Pawn Shop Knows Diamonds

Axel’s Pawn Shop has a Sherlock Holmes diamond tester. It’s not that they don’t like lab diamonds, they want to make sure what they offer is based on the true value of the diamond or diamond jewelry they are buying or using as collateral for a loan.

The diamond detector by Yehuda assures the Sherlock Holmes detects 100% of all lab grown diamonds. When you are buying and selling diamonds, it is important to know what is real and what is lab created.

Axel’s Pawn Shop, located in Spokane, WA, is a family owned, reputable pawn shop. They treat their customers like family, and they will work to get you what you need. They buy, sell, and pawn luxury items, diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, gold, silver, designer watches, tools, and more.

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