Are you fed up with dealing with unproductive tools that never seem to get the job done? Unlock your projects’ potential today by utilizing DEWALT’s powerful and dependable tools! With their acclaimed strength, performance excellence, and cutting-edge technology, DEWALT is the go-to pick for professionals as well as amateur DIYers. In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes these highly sought after products so special: from trusty accessories to extensive outdoor solutions. Experience why investing in a piece of gear made by DEWALT has become renowned among craftsmen worldwide.

Short Summary

  • Unlock the power of DEWALT tools for projects with their high-quality, durable power tools and innovative storage solutions.
  • Explore a wide range of accessories to keep your tool running smoothly, as well as safety gear and workwear meeting ANSI standards.
  • Purchase genuine products from authorized retailers or opt for cost effective preowned options combined in sets or combos for DIYers & professionals alike.

Experience the DEWALT Difference

DeWalt Cordless Drill

Since 1924, DEWALT has been a leader in the power tool industry, with their first model produced almost 90 years ago. Offering high-quality and durable tools that aim to deliver great performance on any job, they feature hammer drills, circular saws, as well as other products that appeal to both professional users and DIY enthusiasts alike. What makes them stand out from the competition is not just building tough equipment, but also offering highly efficient solutions – “GUARANTEED Tough”.

At an authorized dealer store you can find all of DEWALT’s genuine items supported by exceptional customer service. If you need help selecting what item suits your needs best go talk with someone who knows DeWalt and who will be happy to assist. And for those looking for extra protection of their tools, the ToughSystem 2.0 storage line was developed specifically for this purpose – it works under very extreme conditions while providing ideal organization possibilities at the same time!

High-Quality Power Tools

When it comes to high-quality power tools, DEWALT is the go-to source. Their drills and impact drivers are built with maximum strength and efficiency in mind so that even the toughest tasks become a breeze. Professional contractors or DIY hobbyists alike will benefit from their products which include circular saws, planers, as well as an array of other accessories like orbital sanders and angle grinders! Drill sets come complete with lithium ion batteries along with one charger, belt clip and kit bag for added convenience while tackling any job efficiently. They’ve taken user comfort into consideration when designing each tool too. Making them reliable companions wherever your project might take you!

20V MAX Battery System

DEWALT tools offer an innovative 20V MAX battery system, which provides extended runtime and is compatible with their entire range of cordless power tools and equipment. This system has a nominal voltage output of 18 volts and up to 20 volts initial performance, so you know it’s always delivering consistent power when tackling projects.

DEWALT also offers FLEXVOLT batteries that work in both the 20V MAX and 60V MAX models – perfect for swapping between your devices without needing extra chargers or having to buy new batteries each time!

Innovative DEWALT Hand Tools

When it comes to power tools, DEWALT is second-to-none. They also offer an impressive collection of hand tools designed for maximum accuracy and ease of use—wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and more! Made from durable material with ergonomic grips plus convenient storage features that make them portable and perfect for tight spaces. They are the essential addition to any toolbox, whether you’re a professional or tackling DIY projects around your home.

DEWALT Power Tool Accessories

Dewalt Tools

To maximize the effectiveness of DEWALT power tools, selecting the right accessories is essential. The company offers a range of accessory options including screwdriver bits, circular saw blades, masonry drill bits, jigsaw blades and impact driver sets – all engineered for superior durability and to help your tool operate at peak performance levels. Alongside these specialized attachments, you can also find repair parts such as drill components or replacement pieces so that any issue with your machine won’t stand in the way of meeting project goals when using DEWALT tools or other power equipment brands. By combining powerful powers supplies together with perfecting fitting accessories created by this particular brand, users will receive optimal results backed up by unbeatable reliability making sure their set-up meets even the toughest requirements.

Batteries and Chargers

Ensuring consistent performance from DEWALT tools is dependent on having the correct batteries and chargers. The range of products available provides you with fast charging, compatibility with 20V MAX as well as FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX lithium-ion batteries, efficient cooling technology to prevent overheating during usage and lightweight designs for easy portability. Investing in these top quality items gives confidence that your tools won’t let you down mid project!

Drill Bits and Blades

Tools and accessories can make or break a job, which is why DEWALT offers an extensive selection of drill bits and blades specifically designed to be long-lasting while providing superior performance on various materials like wood, plastic, aluminum & light steel. Many models come with 135° split point tips for more accurate drilling as well as uni-body construction that ensures increased reliability. With such quality options available from DEWALT, you’re sure to have the right pieces required in order to tackle any task at hand, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Measuring and Layout Tools

DEWALT’s measuring and layout tools offer efficient precision for every project. From tape measures to levels, chalk reels, markers and more, these products will guarantee productivity without sacrificing accuracy. Plus, their wide selection of marking instruments such as long tapes pencils pens squares stud finders are designed to ensure that each aspect of the job is carried out with excellence. DEWALT’s range enables professionals to trust in reliable results while performing at peak efficiency throughout a task or build.

DEWALT Outdoor Solutions

DeWalt Outdoor Solutions

DEWALT is known for its wide selection of power tools and accessories, but it also offers outdoor products ideal for landscaping projects, upkeep tasks, and more. Their catalogue includes string trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, mowers, and hedge clippers. Providing users with the perfect means to tackle exterior work effortlessly and promptly.

Thanks to DEWALT’s solutions, you can design your yard easily while keeping up with maintenance duties confidently. So don’t hesitate: pick from their vast variety of power tools options!

Dewalt Tools at Axel’s Pawn in Spokane, WA

Pre-Owned Tools

For anyone living in Spokane, WA who’s looking for top-quality DEWALT tools and products, Axel’s Pawn is the place to go. They offer a wide range of power equipment such as chainsaws and hedge trimmers suited for outdoor tasks or cordless alternatives if you’re after enhanced portability plus maximum efficiency. So don’t miss out on this amazing selection – take a visit today at Axel’s Pawn!

Axel’s Pawn buys, sells, and pawns on tools and name brand tools, like DeWalt, will bring you more money.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Tools

Purchasing used tools is an effective way to increase or renew your tool collection. Benefits can include reduced cost, no sales tax, a greater selection of choices and lower insurance fees. Buying pre-owned items contributes positively towards the environment by reducing new product demand as well as associated environmental impacts.

In order to guarantee quality when procuring secondhand tools, it’s necessary to check for any signs of wear and tear and make sure that all parts are functioning correctly. Also research the seller’s credentials plus read reviews in order to be certain you’re receiving top notch products with optimal performance levels intact. Taking such precautions will ensure you enjoy every advantage pre-owned equipment has without forfeiting quality or capability.

Safety Gear and Workwear

On the job, safety and comfort are absolutely essential. DEWALT provides a comprehensive selection of protective gear that meets ANSI standards to keep you safe while at work in style. Their collection includes gloves, knee pads, eyewear protection, safety glasses & vests/shirts, shop aprons, tool belts. Footwear options as well as clothing for colder temperatures.

With DEWALT’s robust line up of products, they have your back so you can focus on what needs to be done with total confidence knowing that all bases covered when it comes down to security measures keeping everyone protected from potential hazards found around any workplace setting regardless of industry or profession.

Authorized DEWALT Retailers

DeWalt Dealer

When buying DEWALT items, it is crucial to purchase from a sanctioned seller to guarantee you get genuine products with excellent customer assistance. Respected retailers such as Ace Hardware, Authorized Tool Outlet, Acme Tools and CPO DeWALT just name few that have a vast range of DEWALT tools & extras in stock so can meet your job needs all in one location.

Remember buying new will cost  you more. When you shop at Axel’s Pawn you can buy quality pre-owned DeWalt tools for a fraction of the cost.

By going through an approved dealer, quality goods plus the support worthy of shipping and receiving come part and parcel.

Locating a Retailer

Finding the necessary DEWALT tools and accessories near you has never been easier – just visit the DEWALT website at to find a retailer close by with their convenient store locator feature! All of your projects can now be taken care of quickly, knowing that access to all the essential dewalt products is right around the corner for when they’re needed most.

Warranty Information

When purchasing DEWALT tools and accessories, understanding their warranties is crucial. If any defects occur due to faulty materials or workmanship within the coverage period, they offer repair services which ensure your investment remains in optimum condition. It’s important to bear in mind that only original purchasers are eligible for warranty protection. Wear from normal use of a tool or abuse will not be covered by it.

For information about what’s included under warranty as well as how repairs can be requested, customers should visit or call 1-800-4-DEWALT (1-800-433–9258). Alternatively one may also submit an enquiry at https://support. Dewalt. com/hc / en – us / requests/new Knowing all these details you can rest assured knowing your purchase is secure with DEWALT product support and maintenance policies!

Customer Support

DEWALT is dedicated to providing top notch customer service when it comes to helping you with your DEWALT tools and accessories. Their assistance offers several features including product warranties, user manuals and FAQs plus a convenient shop locator for locating a nearby service center as well as contact options via email or Twitter support if desired.

If ever needing help with any of the DEWALT merchandise, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with their friendly customer service team who are ready to assist you. They can.

DEWALT Tool Sets and Combos

DeWalt Combo Set

DEWALT tool sets and combos provide an economical way to get the right tools for any job. These packages contain power tools such as drills, impact drivers, saws and more, with batteries included plus chargers and storage bags too! Axel’s Pawn carries DeWalt and other name brand tool sets. Shopping at Axel’s will save you money and you have a large selection of tools for any project.

Perfect for anyone who needs multiple items in one purchase, like DIY experts or professionals working on tasks that require a variety of different tools. DEWALT has the perfect selection so you can confidently take on even your most difficult projects without running out of essential equipment halfway through.

Power Tool Combo Kits

When looking to get all the essential tools necessary for a project in one neat package, DEWALT power tool combo kits are an ideal solution. With each kit providing users with items like cordless drill drivers and impact drivers, circular saws and reciprocating saws, grinder/multi-tools as well as batteries and chargers. These combos make sure you have everything needed to tackle almost any job imaginable!

For those needing that extra bit of oomph out of their equipment there are also high performance options available such as 20V MAX lithium ion or brushless combos, key features include fast blade changes via convenient keyless blades clamps plus increased runtime resulting from brushles tech advancement. All this makes it easy to select your own particular set of components best suited for your industry’s specific needs and projects.

Hand Tool Sets

DEWALT hand tool sets provide a great way for anyone looking to be equipped with different instruments suitable for any kind of task or venture. These selections include various tools, such as punches, blades, hammers, vises, saws, knives and lasers, giving you all the things necessary to take on jobs with accuracy and assurance.

From chisels to layout to sanding equipment, these DEWALT kits feature every single one that is required so your projects can be executed professionally.

Accessory Sets

To equip your toolkit and make sure that all of your DEWALT tools are efficient and organized, think about investing in accessory sets designed for those exact products. These packages usually include a detachable internal tray which fits most standard height drawers of tool chests so you know exactly where to find everything when it’s needed quickly.

Investing in these specialized accessories will keep your workspace orderly while making sure that you’re always ready for any job ahead!


With an array of premium power tools, hand tools and accessories, DEWALT products are designed for supreme effectiveness, resilience and efficiency. Invest in the quality that DEWALT items have to offer so you can tackle your projects with confidence!

Don’t wait any longer, get hold of these superior machines now to unlock all their potential. With them at your side, they’ll provide maximum power as well as unrivalled durability during use. Perfect for both professionals and DIYers alike!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DeWalt owned by Black Decker?

Ownership and control of the renowned power tool brand DeWalt rests with Stanley Black & Decker, a company that also holds other well-known names in this sector such as Craftsman and Porter-Cable.

Does DeWalt still exist?

DEWALT is still an active business focused on creating and improving tools for professional worksites. Their solutions are meant to enhance productivity, reliability, and dependability in those same jobsite.

Who is Milwaukee tools owned by?

Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd., established in 1985, is a Hong Kong-based multinational corporation which owns the Milwaukee Electric Tool company as one of its subsidiaries. This group employs around 20,000 people worldwide and has become an influential supplier for home improvement products and floor care goods on a global scale.

What sets DEWALT tools apart from other brands?

DEWALT is a leading brand in the industry when it comes to tools that can handle even the toughest jobs and have superior performance. Crafted with strong durability and cutting-edge features, these powerful instruments are suitable for both professionals and hobbyists alike. From power tools to hand tools, their expansive catalogue has something appropriate for all tasks. Making them a top pick among tool users.

Are DEWALT’s cordless tools compatible with their 20V MAX battery system?

Cordless tools from DEWALT feature a compact 20V MAX battery system, offering reliable performance and extended runtimes for users. This lets them conveniently switch between multiple tools without having to worry about the compatibility of batteries while still benefiting from strong power outputs.




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