When it’s time to tackle a project, having the proper work tools can make all the difference. What exactly do you need in your toolbox to ensure top-notch results and efficiency? This article cuts straight to the heart of the matter, guiding you through the essential tools for both professional gigs and DIY endeavors, without the fluff. Expect to uncover how to match each job with its ideal tool companion, enhancing your workflow and output without a hard sell on any particular brand.

Key Takeaways

Power drills, oscillating tools, and saws are essential for various professional and DIY projects, offering versatility and precision for multiple materials and tasks.

Combo kits for power tools are cost-effective and convenient, with options for both beginners and professional users to ensure compatibility and efficiency in project execution.

Advancements in battery technology have enhanced the utility and convenience of cordless power tools, making them a popular choice for their flexibility and absence of power cords.

The Ultimate Guide to Power Drills from Axel’s Pawn Spokane, WA

A variety of power drills including impact drivers

Power drills are essential tools for professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts alike. At Axel’s Pawn in Spokane, WA, we have a range of power drill options, such as the RYOBI TOOLS CORDLESS DRILL P271 and the DEWALT CORDLESS DRILL DCD771 to provide convenient access to various tools for all types of projects.

The key factor in selecting the right power drill is understanding the different types available and their specific purposes. With our wide selection at Axel’s Pawn, customers can find suitable drills that meet their individual needs when it comes to powering through any project effectively with quality results. Axel’s Pawn also buys, sells, and pawns power tools.

Drill Drivers

Drill drivers are versatile power tools that excel in drilling holes and driving screws, nuts, and other small fasteners. Their adaptability is possible by various components, including the chuck size, gear switch for adjusting speed levels, torque control clutch to prevent overdriving or stripping screws/nuts, forward/reverse switch for changing rotation direction quickly, trigger switch for precise control of movement/power output, and an LED light to enhance visibility while working. With all these features seamlessly working together, the drill driver becomes an efficient tool suitable not only for professional maintenance crews, but also DIY enthusiasts.

Aside from their primary functions as drillers and screwdrivers, powerful attachments can transform them into useful sanding machines capable of smoothing out curved surfaces with ease. An important consideration when purchasing a drill driver should be its key characteristics, such as battery type (preferably lithium-ion), availability of charger & charge indicator, a durable brushless motor, along with extra perks like built-in LED lights – which enhances usability even in low-light conditions.

Hammer Drills

The power and capabilities of a hammer drill make it an essential tool for handling tougher projects that involve materials such as masonry and concrete. These durable machines are designed to handle intense tasks without compromising performance or longevity. By using specialized chisels, they can even be used for minor demolition work, from drilling through tough material.

Hammer drills use compressed air to drive a piston forward, creating a back-and-forth motion that delivers powerful impacts capable of breaking through the target material. When selecting the right hammer drill for your needs, consider important factors like its level of power and performance ability. Other key considerations include chuck size, speed control options, durability and construction quality, ergonomic design features for comfort during use, and any additional functions or features that may enhance its functionality.

Impact Drivers

The use of an impact driver is unmatched when it comes to accomplishing tasks that require high torque. The following are some benefits associated with the use of an impact driver:

  • Operates through a spring-loaded mechanism, generating rapid and repetitive impacts along with rotational force.
  • Despite its compact size and lighter weight, it delivers greater torque power.
  • It includes a quick-change clamp for holding bits, which enhances ergonomics and reduces strain on the arm and wrist.
  • Due to its design, the risk of stripped screws is minimized.

When choosing an appropriate impact driver based on specific requirements, certain factors must be considered, such as:

  • Ensuring high levels of power
  • Features like a switch for forward or reverse movement and trigger controls enhance user-friendliness during operation.
  • Cordless models offer convenience in terms of portability.

Advanced Oscillating Tools for Precision Work Found at Axel’s Pawn

Oscillating tools for precision work

If you’re looking for a tool that offers precise and controlled performance, look no further than oscillating tools. These highly accurate instruments are essential for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. At Axel’s Pawn Shop in Spokane, WA, we offer an array of pre-owned precision oscillating tools specifically designed to cut, scrape, sand or grind various materials, such as metal wood, drywall, mortar, fiberglass.

Thanks to their versatility and interchangeability feature with high-speed blades at play. These sophisticated devices can efficiently handle multi-material tasks, including working on metals like steel, aluminum, copper, tin, brass, iron alloys, scrap, iron, carbon-steel etc. With the right accessory compatibility, they can work wonders, cutting finer details/details accurately too!

Axel’s Pawnshop presents customers with various choices on pre-loved items, which are just as good.

Cutting edges with tools like these allows for smooth surface and safe use. Because of this, it results in reduced efforts when working on a project. It’s important to find the equipped best matched to your skill level and the needs of the project.

Multi-Material Applications

Oscillating tools possess a wide range of capabilities, allowing them to effectively handle various materials. Their unique back-and-forth motion allows them to achieve precise cuts in different mediums like metal, wood, and plastic. As such, they are highly valued as essential additions to any set of tools. Utilizing oscillating tools presents numerous benefits when working with multiple materials – from versatility across the board, precision during cutting or sanding tasks, maneuverability in tight spaces, all the way through efficient completion of diverse projects.

It is worth noting that these types of equipment excel more at intricate work or finishing duties, rather than heavy-duty jobs involving intense cutting, scraping or sanding, largely because they produce less heat compared to other specialized metallic-cutting alternatives like angle grinders.

Accessory Compatibility

The effectiveness of an oscillating tool relies heavily on its ability to be used with various accessories. When choosing accessories for your oscillating tool, it is crucial to consider key factors like compatibility with the specific model, intended purpose, quality and durability, versatility, and brand reputation.

Although accessory compatibility can vary between different brands of oscillating tools, there are blades and attachments designed specifically to work with multiple brands.

To ensure that an accessory fits your particular oscillating tool model, it is recommended to carefully read the packaging, which often includes information about compatible tools.

Must-Have Combo Kits for Every Toolbox


Combo kits for every toolbox

Opting for power tool combo kits is a highly effective method of building your collection. These packages offer consistency and compatibility, resulting in more seamless task completion. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced user, there’s a suitable combo kit to meet your needs.

Now let us explore the various types of available power tool combo kits, from basic sets to professional ones, and understand their benefits.

Starter Kits

A starter kit is the perfect starting point for those new to power tools and DIY projects. It’s important to prioritize reputable brands like Stanley, Workpro, and Deko to ensure quality and durability of your tools. These kits come equipped w,\ith various essential tools commonly used in various projects, making it convenient and cost-effective, as you won’t need to buy each tool separately.

One great aspect about these starter kits is that they often include batteries and chargers, so you can start your project immediately. They also typically have user-friendly features and instructions, which make it easy for beginners to learn how to use them effectively. This combination makes them an ideal choice for learning the ropes when it comes to powering through any type of project.

Professional Kits

For individuals who require durable and heavy-duty tools, professional power tool combo kits are the ideal option. These comprehensive sets cater to robust use and often include more advanced equipment like a hammer drill, reciprocating saw, and angle grinder. They may also come with higher-capacity batteries, faster charging stations, and stronger build quality.

Contractor-grade kits usually consist of specialized tools, such as channel locks, hacksaw, level,nut driver set, pipe cutters, pipe wrench, and materials for plumbing tasks, including thread sealants and Teflon tape. Some reputable brands that offer high-quality professional power toolkits are Makita,Dewalt,Milwaukee,Ryobi,Bosch Porter-Cable, and Black & Decker.

The Flexibility of Cordless Tools Found at Axel’s Pawn

Cordless tools offering flexibility and convenience

The introduction of cordless power tools has sparked a significant transformation in the world of both DIY and professional projects. These innovative tools provide users with increased flexibility and convenience, eliminating the need for a nearby power outlet or dealing with tangled cords. The development of battery technology is what makes these cordless power tools possible, led by top brands such as Craftsman, DeWalt, and Milwaukee.

Now we will explore the advancements made in battery life, along with an exploration of different brand offerings within this market segment.

Battery Innovations

Cordless tools have seen a surge in popularity thanks to the impressive developments in battery technology. Lithium-Ion batteries have had a tremendous impact on the power tool industry with their:

  • Higher energy density resulting in smaller size and longer use time
  • Enhanced stability for quicker charging
  • More efficient performance at times, even surpassing corded tools’ power

Battery innovations like WORX’s 20V Power Share program showcase how advancements can enhance flexibility of cordless tools. These interchangeable batteries cater to various types of equipment, boosting convenience and utility for users.

Brand Offerings

Axel’s Pawn, located in Spokane, WA, has a wide selection of cordless power tools from reputable brands like Craftsman, DeWalt and Ryobi. Our inventory boasts top-quality materials and ergonomic grips that make the power tools durable and easy to use. These innovative battery systems include the 20V MAX option for maximum efficiency, while also providing convenient storage features, perfect for those tight spaces you may encounter during your projects! DEWALT stands out among our collection due to their advanced technology in creating efficient yet compact cordless power tools.

Saws for Every Cut

A selection of saws for different cutting needs

Having a reliable saw is crucial for effective cutting. Whether you need a circular, reciprocating or jigsaw, we have the right tools for your needs.

The circular saw is an adaptable tool that can easily cut through various materials, such as wood, masonry, plastic and metal. It can be handheld or securely attached to a workbench for stability during jobs.

For demolition or remodeling projects involving tasks like cutting through stud walls and pruning branches, the reciprocating saw offers versatility. On the other hand, Jigsaws are ideal for intricate cuts thanks to their slender blade, allowing greater maneuverability.

In summary, a quality saw plays an essential role in achieving precise cuts while working with different materials on various projects. Whether it’s metal or wood, you can trust our selection of tools, including circular saw reciprocating Jigsaws, which ensures successful completion of any job at hand.

Circular Saws

Circular saws are a crucial tool in woodworking, capable of making precise cuts, such as crosscuts and rip cuts. They can also be used for specialized tasks beyond wood cutting. The operation of the circular saw involves placing its base or shoe on the material to be cut at a 90-degree angle with the blade, which then rotates rapidly at high speeds to make the cut.

When selecting a circular saw, it is important to consider features like accurate markers for guiding your cutline, good visibility of the blade while cutting, and smooth retraction of its guard. Other factors include power rating, size (diameter) of blades available for use on different projects and materials. Ergonomics including weight distribution & balance when holding them during use. Handle size suitable enough so you could control everything well without straining yourself much physically, but still maintain precision over your project’s production rate needs. If there were any applicable safety concerns regarding their performance, we’d mention that too. Just keep reading how our recommendations compare in the detailed review sections linked below each recommendation.

Reciprocating Saws

One of the top choices for demolishing or renovating jobs is a reciprocating saw. These tools have tremendous power and efficiency in cutting through various materials, making demolition and installation tasks much easier to handle. They can cut through various materials, such as metal, masonry, wood, plaster, fiberglass, stucco composite material and drywall.

Additionally, a reciprocating saw can also cut through challenging elements including bolts, rods, rebar,pipes, profiles, and nails with ease. Furthermore, it’s essential to observe safety precautions when using this tool. These include wearing impact-resistant goggles and using sharp blades to keep hands away from the cutting area. Disconnecting power before changing blades, lubrication which helps smoother operation.

In summary, the best option for getting rid of or remodeling work on a demanding construction project is utilizing a highly efficient reciprocating saw. This powerful equipment works well on numerous surfaces, from wood to metal. Anyone who uses one should always prioritize strict measures like lubricants, intervals, maintaining hygiene, careful blade replacements, among many other preventive protocols.


Jigsaws are the perfect tool for completing intricate and curved cuts in wood. They excel at cutting complex shapes, such as circles and arches, due to their ability to handle varying thickness and density of the material.

For precise cuts with a jigsaw, it is important to use a narrow blade that can easily navigate through curves. The blade should be firmly attached using a spring-loaded clamp positioned at the front end of the tool. Creating small relief cuts within tight curves helps ease movement for improved accuracy, while also promoting safety.

In summary, jigsaws are specifically designed for working with wood materials and shine when it comes to making intricate or curved designs. By following recommended steps, like using an appropriate blade type and incorporating relief cuts where needed. One can achieve accurate results while operating this versatile power tool.

Accessorizing Your Power Tools

Proper accessories are essential for maximizing the capabilities of your power tools. These may include must-have items like screwdriver bits, drill and driver attachments, impact driver heads, saw blades, abrasives, and more specialized equipment such as hole cutters, conduit reamers and wire strippers.

By utilizing the right accessories in conjunction with basic power tools, you can expand their functionality to tackle a wider range of tasks, while also increasing efficiency and precision in your work. Sanders brushes wheels polisher discs polishing pads diamond flap grind tool rotary wires will all contribute significantly to enhancing these key factors when working with various materials using different techniques.

Essential Accessories

A power drill requires various accessories, including a drill auger, scrubber pads, angle adapter, and different types of bits and sanding attachments. Similarly, cordless power tools also require essential accessories, such as twist bits, hole saws, spade bits, nuts drivers, and saw blades with appropriate guards along with router bits. For optimal performance, it is important to pair various kinds of saws, like circular ones, bandsaws, etc., with the right items, for instance rip fences, straight edge guides or even specific guide-saws.

Furthermore, it is crucial to have compatible components for your collection – from necessities like batteries & chargers, to less obvious devices that cater directly towards improving functionality. Enhancing precision while working can be achieved through straight-edge guides, circular worktop assistants, among others. In short, having diverse categories with wide-ranging useful additions gives you an upper hand when using, preserving, and producing accurate results at home, on construction sites, machine shops, among other environments where these instruments are applicable.

Specialty Accessories

Power tools can be made more effective by using specialty accessories designed to enhance their performance in specific tasks. Some popular accessories for power drills include wire brush attachments, drill guide attachments, and auger attachments for gardening purposes. There are specialized drill bits, such as twist drill bits, spade bits, and hole saws.

For oscillating tools like DeWalt,Milwaukee,Makita,FLEX Multi-Tool, etc., there are various compatible blades, sanding pads and kits that can optimize their functioning. Furthermore, cordless tools also have key specialized options, including replacement batteries, battery packs, portable power stations, along with diverse drill bit varieties. These enhancements ensure greater efficiency while using these brands’ products.

Choosing the Right Tool for the Material

The selection of a suitable tool for the job is just as important as the task itself, as it can greatly impact the outcome of your project. When choosing tools, it’s essential to consider factors such as project scope and size, cost of equipment, specific materials being used and their quality, blade sharpness and handle ergonomics. Reading reviews on different manufacturers’ credibility can also be helpful in determining which tool will best suit your needs.

Depending on the type of project you are working on and the materials involved, there may be various requirements when selecting tools. For example, woodworking tasks would require different tools than metalworking or surface preparation projects. It’s crucial to carefully assess these requirements before making any decisions about which tools to use.

Woodworking Tools

Woodworking projects require various tools, such as chisels, hammers, hand saws, mallets, tape measures, cordless drills, and circular saws for cutting wood. To shape the wood effectively in woodworking projects, it is crucial to have planers and jointers at hand. These tools are used for leveling board surfaces and achieving a desired thickness with the planer, while preparing mating pieces’ side or end surfaces for stronger bonding with a jointer.

When it comes to finishing touches to wooden objects, a highly recommended tool is an orbital sander. This powerful tool ensures the surface of the wood is smooth and ready for painting or varnishing. Furthermore, this process also helps achieve desirable results when working on woodworking projects involving precise detailing work, making sure every piece looks perfect before completion.

Metalworking Tools

In the world of metalworking, various tools are used for cutting, grinding and polishing metal. These include hacksaws, snips, air sheers specifically designed for metals, circular saws and angle grinders, among others. Tools like bench grinders, hacksaws, disc finishing polishers, buffing machines, as well as precision polishing tools are commonly used in this trade.

For efficiently cutting through various types of metals, one could rely on implements such as cold saws, bolt cutters or band saws. Meanwhile, to grind rough edges on pieces, bench grinders allow smoothness, while drill presses, saw bands, and even hack blades can all be relied upon. For achieving high shine surfaces often found in decorative objects, polishing equipment options range from disc finishers to buffing machinery, along with specialized precision instruments.

Surface Preparation Tools

Proper surface preparation is a critical aspect of many projects and requires specific tools. These tools have specialized functions, including eliminating paint, coatings, rust, and oxide to achieve a clean surface. They also create an appropriate coating profile.

To effectively clean, sand and polish surfaces for various purposes, these are commonly used:

  • Scalpers designed for concrete or metal
  • Scabblers made specifically for concrete
  • Scarifiers suitable for both concrete and metal
  • Handheld as well as floor grinders meant especially for concrete work
  • Air tampers that help create smooth finishes on surfaces. These versatile tools can remove different types of contaminants, while smoothing imperfections to produce polished results on the targeted areas.

Why Axel’s Pawn in Spokane, WA is a One-Stop-Shop for Preowned Tools



At Axel’s Pawn in Spokane, WA, we have a great selection of high-quality preowned tools available for purchase. Our inventory includes reputable brands like DeWalt, Ridgid and Bosch at significantly reduced prices compared to new tools. Rest assured that every tool you buy from us is in excellent working condition, so that you can trust its performance.

If you’re looking to sell your own tools or need quick cash through our pawn loan process, we aim to make it simple and customer-friendly with fast approval times. Don’t hesitate to come by our store today for all your tool needs!

Having the correct equipment is vital for any project, whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast. At Axel’s Pawn in Spokane, WA, we have an extensive range of power tools from well-known brands that cater to both professionals and those working on personal projects. Keep in mind that choosing the right tool can greatly impact your work and always prioritize safety. Let us help you achieve successful projects and enjoyable crafting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does New to You at Axel’s Pawn Mean?

Axel’s Pawn has various pre owned tools. They specialize in new to you tools (pre-owned) and ensure each tool is carefully inspected before it is put on the sales floor.

What is the difference between a drill driver and an impact driver?

The primary distinction between a drill driver and an impact driver is that while the former is suitable for both creating holes and fastening small fasteners, the latter provides greater torque specifically for heavy-duty tasks.

What are the benefits of using cordless power tools?

Using cordless power tools offers increased flexibility and convenience, allowing enhanced mobility and portability, so you can move freely without the constraints of cords or power outlets.

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